nims & associates is a computer consulting firm specializing in Micro Computers. We work with businesses of all sizes to recommend, install and train users on business, accounting and database software. We also provide support to PC, Macintosh, Network, UNIX and Multi-user computers. As consultants, we work for you. You can depend on us for an honest, objective assessment of your needs and situation.

We offer the following services:

Needs Analysis: We work with your staff to find exactly what your needs are. We then recommend specific hardware and software that meet your needs. We can provide cost estimates and recommend reputable vendors in your area.

Installation: We can provide computer hardware and software directly and we work with your vendor to make sure that all hardware and software is installed correctly.

Training: We train your staff so they can begin to use new systems immediately. We will walk them through any conversions necessary and go over daily, monthly, and annual processing. We can prepare procedures manuals that explain which reports are to be run and how to make sure the system stays in balance.

Support: We supply ongoing support. We can provide training for new employees and help you get the most out of your software as your business needs change.

Programming: For businesses not completely satisfied by off the shelf software, we make modifications to accounting & database systems. We also design and write programs from scratch.

In addition to our knowledge of over 15 different accounting systems, we also have experience with many industry specific applications such as Time & Billing, Legal/Litigation Support systems, Property Management, Point of Sale, Manufacturing, Job Cost, Real Estate Brokerage, Project Management and Electronic Funds Transfer.

Whatever your current level of computerization, we can help. We will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss the specific services we can offer your business.

Accounting Packages

AccPac Plus, Macola, MAS 90, Platinum, Open Systems, Great Plains, Real World, SBTand Solomon.


Access, DBase, FoxPro, Btrieve, Informix, Reflex, Paradox, DataFlex, Omnis 7, SuperBase and Q&A.

Programming Languages

Microsoft Basic, Visual Basic, Business Basic, C, C++,Objective C, Cobol, Lisp, and Pascal.

Other Applications

WordPerfect, Word, Lotus, Windows, Pagemaker, PerformPro,, CrossTalk, ProComm, Novell, Mac OS, Unix and Xenix.

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